Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pumpkinpuddy Giveaway

* tap tap tap tap Click "Is this thing on??"

OK Pals - you all know my dear friend @Pumpkinpuddy from Twitter who is a regular poster in the blogosphere.  Well, she is authoring her 'Adventures of a Suburban Kitty' blog for a whole year!

To celebrate, she is having a giveaway, which involves you hunting down a few small pieces of information THEN commenting on her blog! This is totally awesome!

If you are NOT is the USA you can still enter and donate your 'winnings' which is a set of gorgeous Nutro foods, to a USA pal.

Interested and ready to rush over??  >>>>>>>>>>>>  HERE!


  1. That is so nice of Pumpkin isn't is Dash. I has been over there.

  2. Thank you my furriend. I really appreciate the link to my blog. I can't believe only 8 pals have entered so far. It's such a fabulous prize, and Nutro food is sooooo nommy.

  3. Aw, we though that you were giving away Pumpkin and we were all excited- oh well, stuff from her would be good too!!