Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Precious News about Precious!

* click whirrrr sound of computer warming up *

Guys!! Listen up. Do I have good news for you! Remember Precious who was the subject of many tweets and appeals on Facebook when her worrying story was reported by Brian Frum and I noted it here. I know Brian106sc from Twitter as well as his blog).

SHE HAS A HOME! ....and you know the best thing? She has a home with Brian's family!  See how things are going with the first Tortie Tuesday written by.... Precious herself - and if this doesn't make your heart burst with happiness I don't know what will.

Head over there NOW!!


  1. Hi Dash! We were so super excited when we saw that sweet Precious was going to be Brian's new sister - such wonderful news and we know they will be a great family for her!!

  2. Thanks for the Meow-Out, Precious...really is precious!