Sunday, 22 May 2011

Colorado Catnip Toys by DashKitten

* Tap tap tap - rustle of paper and ripping of plastic *

Hey guys look at me! Pumpkinpuddy sent me a present.  It's the most pawsome catnippy toy from Colorado Catnip Toys.  OK so you can't see the bright fishy on it too well but Mom loves the pretty fabric and I tell you its just the most fun ever!

The catnip toy even made it through customs altho' it was held up as it went to the wrong addy first * rolls eyes * so we had to wait and wait and wait....
Me with my catnippy toy

ALL the Colorado Catnip Toys are colourful and fun and packed with real organic 'Nip! The fur family loves mine but I try to keep to to play with as much as I can.  Mom checked out Colorado Catnip's site and was impressed to find cosy beds and blankets too, perfect for any US kitty pals who love to snuggle!

Colorado Catnip Snuggle Blankie

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  1. Glad you're enjoying your new catnip toy. It was taking so long to get there, I was afraid one of the customs people took it home for their own pets. Or that it got lost in the mail.