Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wet Weather Report

* shakes rain from coat and settles down to write blog post *

Hi guys! Oh boy did we have some wet weather over the recent holiday week-end.  Mum stayed indoors and baked all the time and the computer was not turned on until so late I could not blog %-)

OK time for a catch up.

To everyone who helped with #DannyPawty.  Thank you very much.  It was a lot of hard work by a lot of people to make it happen and to make it work.  There had been a lot of pawties recently so we had to work extra hard - to our team, to our donors and to our party attendees - a huge thank you for your time, help and donations. It means a lot of Spooky and Danny who are using the funds raised to fight back against the big C - cancer.

Dad's latest pawtrait of me MOL!


  1. You're looking a little fuzzy there my furriend. Tell dad the next picture has to show your handsome face better.

  2. Good work on the Danny party. Too bad it had so much competition.

  3. Hi Dash - it looks like you were not in the mood to have your picture taken right then! WE think it is great that you work so hard to help other kitties with the pawtys - you are a good guy!