Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Anipal Times Blog Hop

If you work at The Anipal Times - or are a dedicated reader/supporter - please leave a comment below and join the hop so we can celebrae who we are! Who are our writers, editors, managers, and who are our readers?? Let's see your links!


  1. Hi buddies, we do a little editing at the Anipal Times! So good to be able to meet the other employees during this hop! Sorta like an office pawty!

  2. Not exactly like Blogpaws though, eh, Prudence!? LOL... Good job joining the hop, Dash! Let's see, there's me - Ed. in Chief, One Dog is @odymaltese (reporter), Dash - that's you, writer, 4. is @chazzthedog, new writer, 5. @midgethemutt - comic writer, 6 is Roxy the Pug, one of our AT readers, 7 is Prudence @Tildatoo, one of our Editors, 8 is @cheshirek Editing Manager and writer, and 9 is Bert - an awesome rescue/therapy dog and AT reader! Phew!