Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fundraising Raffle for Sheila and @Spookyshorty


GUYS!!! May I introduce the Lion King - the prize in our raffle fundraiser for Sheila the cat's eye surgery - any residue going to brofur @Spookyshorty's ongoing chemo treatment.  The Lion King was designed by fellow doll creative Michelle Munzone and made by Whskr. Picture of Sheila at the botton of this post.

How to join the fun and maybe WIN the Lion King :-

To enter the raffle you donate via the Chip-In on the right-hand side of the page.  

Tickets:  $1.50 each or 6 for $5 - The $1.50 options allows people on a limited budget a chance to buy a ticket too.

As raffle tickets are purchased, Spooky's Mum Lillian will record the donors and the number of tickets bought. At the end of the week a draw will be made and the raffle prize awarded.  Shipping is being donated by Mum (Marjorie) who wants to see Sheila well and happy.

Estimate of costs involved in Sheila's eye treatment : $1,285 (possible extra nights stay are $130) and cash is requested up front.  Spooky's chemo costs are for six months blood tests ($150) UltraSound $450 Chemo upwards of $500.  We have posted the current chip in as an estimate not an exact figure as much depends on how well Sheila and Spooky get on.

Sheila's Story - or Why We Are Here (by her Mom Lillian) 

"Sheila was my neighbor's cat who I took care of her when ever he went away. Some time ago he went away to hospital and I took care of Sheila. After his return his condition got worse he was getting dialysis about 3-4 days a week.  Suddenly, he was found by another neighbor lying in the doorway of his apartment, he was taken into the hospital but passed away.

Sheila almost got sent to the ACC had I not stepped in and asked if I could take her. It took me 3 days to try and coax her out! She took about a month to get used to my other kitties where she hid out most of the time. Sheila is still very shy, until she gets to know you then she loves to be petted & rubbed. 

She remains the loner but she loves to play even now with her eye all swollen and full of pus she loves to swat things around and jump up on things."

Lion King details :-

First and foremost, I must stress that this is NOT a TOY, it is a soft sculpture, an art doll.  He was designed by Michelle Munzone who created a magnificent character Mum just fell in love with. 
This magnificent Lion King is made from doll velour and has a slightly fuzzy feel which is perfect for our Mane Man! He stands about 12 inches/30 cms high. His claws are made from gold dimensional paint and glitter dangerously!

Our regal monarch's face is hand modelled and painted with whiskers of transparent thread while his costume is made from silk,  hand dyed by me, and silver 'pleather' heavily embellished with beading and vintage brocade.  These motifs carry on through his antastical collar of office.  The unique hand dyed silk also lines his faux fur cape.   The finishing touch is his staff made from a magnificent recycled rosewood knitting needle, which is not shown as its still drying. Picture to follow SOON.

This is Sheila, Spookyshorty's sisfur!


  1. I love this Lion King doll. He is WONDERFUL. ROAR!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Dash & Mum for creating this beautiful raffle prize to raise money for @SpookyShorty & Sheila! You are absolutely PAWSOME! ((HUGS))

  3. Oh, he's beautiful! Your mom is SO talented! Could you please put MarshallSheldon's name on half my tickets and Spooky Shorty's mom on the others.

  4. Good luck in the raffle pals.
    All the best to Sheila & fambly.
    Wallas & Isagold xx

  5. My Mom, Kristin, just bought some raffle tix!