Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sparklecat Needs Your Vote - NOW!

* sits up straight in chair and refers to blog notes *

Attention anipals!  Sparkle the Kitty Blogger needs our votes.  She is in a contest to win the CBS Los Angeles Most Valuable Blogger awards AND she is the only cat there!!

VOTE HERE >>>> CBS Los Angeles Most Valuable Blogger Awards <<<<<<

OK - Why we should vote? For those who may not be familiar with my stellar blogging colleague.  Do I really need to tell you that Sparkle won her Pretties section for best blog post about ferals, a vitally important issue AND that she donated her entire prize of $1,000 to two anipal charities?  No I do not. so get over there and vote for our girl NOW!!

It's CAT v. HUMANS!!


  1. I was so happy to vote for Sparklecat - she does so much for animal charities too.

  2. Thanks for working so hard on my behalf!

  3. I voted! Yay, Sparklecat! :)

  4. We're kind of behind in the news so we weren't aware of this. Thanks for the info. We went by to vote.