Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sheila Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Today

* Takes a deep breath to hold back tears, and begins to type *

Friends, it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Sheila, beloved kitty of Lillian and Spooky.  Sheila was the recipient of our recent lion fundraiser and we were so proud to help try and save her.   Our condolences go to Spooky and his Mom who snatched Sheila from the clutches of the local ACC when her original paw-parent passed on sometime ago.  @PepiSmartDog is going to guide her across the Rainbow Bridge and show her around - she is at peace now, she does not suffer but - Oh My Paws - Sheila will be missed.

It's times like this I feel like shaking my paw at Heaven and asking Why Why Why * tries to rub away tears with damp paw *


  1. *soft paw* Sad news, we so sorry to hear it. We send loves to Spooky & his Mama ... little Sheila always be a bright star in the sky and in our eyes *teary sniffs*

  2. I am so terribley sorry for your loss, I know this inconsolable grief intimately; Sheila was a beauty and now she is with my Jazzmynn (standard Pomeranian doggie)...I know Jazzy was waiting to greet Sheila, & cross Sheila over the rainbow bridge and will be licking Sheilas ears & taking snuggle naps together, just as she did her brother ONYX dah Kat, when she was still with us, just 2 1/2 short mths ago! You & your fur children are in our positive thoughts & prayers! We send love, light & healing energy! Xoxo Andrea, kitty & bunnies 8+)

  3. I had not heard,so very, very sad.