Friday, 7 October 2011

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

* sits down to think very hard about what he is thankful for *

OK Mum and I have been busy, we have been caught up in stressful things, but we are lucky, Mum has us all insured so if we get sick we can go to the vet. We are thankful for this.

We are also grateful for the many people who have been supporting our raffle appeal for our own Lion King. Spooky and his Mom Lillian needed our help and this seemed a fun way to fund raise. We are thankful for this support.

We are thankful for our friends for their encouragement and their willingness to help us raise funds for specific causes. Allowing us to help the world one anipal at a time We are thankful for this.

Thanks also to Cokie for allowing us to be part of the blog hop.

Dash Kitten

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  1. We hope things have settled down and you're all okay.