Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Edgar at Shapeshifter, Lower Hutt

* assembles Edgars little bag and checks off his packing list *

OK folks. Edgar will be leaving us soon for Queensland, but, he found time for a trip to our one New Zealand Arts Festival venture, ShapeShifter, a sculpture exhibition and a quick trip to the beach (tomorrow's post!).

Edgar with 'Giraffe' by Greg Broomfield

The sculpture show Edgar visited was set up on council parkland opposite the Dowse,  Laings Road.  The sculpture show is always a popular event with everyone. Edgar gave his new hat a good work out as it was a sunny day!

Edgar admires 'Just Popping to The Colonies' - Jane River

One of Edgar's favourites was the sheep he met Black Sheep White Sheep by Hamish Jones.  They are made of acrylic, with one black sheep of Rimu wood. 

Then, Edgar did his best to float off into the sky with 'Cloud' by Helen Reynolds. This looked amazing, like a real cloud, and it was made up of thin layers of plastic that glowed in the bright light.

Edgar with 'Cloud' - Helen Reynolds.

Heading out of the exotic greenhouse with it's magical clouds Edgar set off exploring across the grass nd encountered a large dramatic pice called 'Expanded Metal Artwork' by David McCracken.  it reminded Mum of the decorations you can get made from paper that expand like a concertina. it certainly looked awesome enough to Edgar!

Edgar and Mum and Dad stopped to take a view over the sculpture exhibition.  The sun was bright, the fountain tinkled and lots of people were enjoying the show.

One exhibit that made mum and Edgar laugh was a giant cotton reel set up or what mum knows as 'French Knitting' by Mia Hamilton. Mum did it as a youngster using a cotton bobbin and nails and this was the same GIANT SIZED!  Edgar was impressed to read that the 'thread' was made from recycled plastic - an acknowledgement that recycling has its place in art.

The finale for Edgar was an hysterical exhibit by Sean Crawford, an artist mum knows from his work in the Wairarapa.  The title is 'The Robot Army vs. The Rabbit Proof Fence'.  A comment on old style thinking and new technology and how they may/may not get on!


  1. Wow, Edgar really gets around! What a pawsome journey, we love all the artworks too!

  2. Edgar - you sure look like you are seeing lots of things and having fun.

  3. Edgar, we love your new hat and <3 NZ t-shirt! You're starting to look a little kiwi! You're the most traveled and cultured kitty we know. Thanks for sharing the cool art and HELLO to Dash Kitty from Texas!
    Love, T & C