Thursday, 22 March 2012

Edgar at Waikanae Beach, North of Wellington

* While Edgar packs in little bag, Dash types business, adding photos as he goes *

Mum and Dad has the opperatunity to dash up the coast as the weather turned out extra fine, so Edgar went along to see the sea! Mum put up the little windbreak so that it was super warm and Edgar put his tshirt and shorts on.

The view along the beach is endless and if you look at a map you can see it goes right up the coast to the next towns on the map, and in really breezy days sand yachts scoot up and down.  There are lots of dogs with their owners too - dogs love the sea!

Ever aware if the 'Slip-Slop-Slap' mantra Edgar had his sunscreen ready and spent plenty of time in the shade of the windbreak before taking a walk along the beach and gathering some shells and bits of wood.

Then he posed for a pic with mum and had some lunch and lemonade.  It was really warm so the lemonade was really welcome!

Then it was time for a little intrepid exploration!  Up into the dunes Edgar ran (slowly, as it was sand and uphill).  The grass is rough and prickly and it is tough enough to bind the dunes together keeping the sometimes stormy sea from flooding the small holiday homes on the other side.

Then Edgar needed a coffee so we visited 'The Front Room' a nice little place down at Waikanae Beach.  There was plenty of room to sit outside and we found a lovely shady spot to enjoy our drinks!

Dad suggested that to finish off his trip to New Zealand we take Edgar up to the look out point at Paekakariki, so after posing at the official sign we all jumped in the car.  The famously twisty hill road is, believe it or not, seen as a bit of a rat run from Wellington, although it is much longer and harder to drive than the busy, too small and over used coastal route. (which is in desperate need of upgrading).

You can see the road that Edgar took to reach the amazing view. It is very windy and not an easy drive, especially as cyclists insist on using it as a fun ride %-) Not my idea of fun says Edgar!

With his beach visit firmly under his belt Edgar checks his notebook and gets ready for his next destination Queensland Australia!

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