Friday, 9 March 2012

Edgar Gets Crafty with Dash Kitten

* OK guys listen up for today's Edgar visit report *

Mum took Edgar shopping as she wanted a new book on crochet.  We visited Paperplus in North City Shopping Centre, Porirua.  She found a fun book which was just what she wanted and then she sat with Edgar so he could read, and they had some refreshment.

Edgar ordered a chocolate iced coffee and seemed to enjoy it rather a lot.  Mum put the book away while they had their drinks MOL!!  it was so warm Edgar changed into his Hawaiian shirt for the day!

Mum also got some nice fabric and decided to cut out her pink summer dress while the weather was nice.  Edgar helped with the pinning! The pattern is from the Pip Lincolne book Sew La Tea Do and was really easy to make!

Dash watched from the wall so he didn't get pawprints on the fabric!

With Edgar's assistance mum had her dress parts cut out and ready to sew in no time (OK well it took a while but Edgar and I fell asleep in a shadey corner.

My senior Aunty Peanut came over to say hello to Edgar and pass the time of day about their various jet setting travels.  Aunty Peanut is from the UK and came out to New Zealand on an airyplant.  Edgar had been reading Mum's favourite magazine Molly Makes which is full of fun stuff (she's addicted to it!!)


  1. Wow - Edgar is having a great adventure too. M says maybe by the time he gets here he can sew a dress for M. Wouldn't that be great.

  2. Edgar looks like the perfect visitor! he sure does get to see and do a lot. can't wait to meet him in furrson. :)

  3. Dean's mom14 June, 2012

    Edgar's got a great wardrobe & Dashy so much cutes!