Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Edgar Goes Literacy Training and becomes a Fashion Icon

* Checks notes and consults with Edgar about his activities *

OK Folks, today Edgar visited Read Write Plus where Mum volunteers, teaching people how to read, and to do basic sums.  It's a lovely day!  Edgar posed outside the building for his close-up!

Edgar managed the steps into the building all on his own.  There are several teaching rooms and a library for the tutors to use when teaching students.  Some of our students are learning to pass specific tests like Learner Licence (to drive) and to join the police force - which has a special test.  The weather was so nice and warm that Edgar put on his cool Hawaiian shirt!

Edgar had a ride home on Mum's Suzuki 650 Boulevard after her visit and he went super fast (for a bear at least!!)  There is plenty of parking near the tutorial rooms which is a relief for Mum! Mum is also studying for her NCALE certificate to enable her to teach groups of people, she is planning a series of classes on enhancing literacy through journalling and scrapbooking.

Mum got busy after her literacy tutoring and the needles began to fly.  Edgar was going to get a titfer to wear (Titfer? - A Titfer Tat - Hat) and as the ball of Cascade220 in Kitty Grey got smaller, Edgar's hat grew bigger!!  BUT Mum threw it in the washing machine - TWICE!! Soooo - it shrunked and now it's the purrfect fit MOL!! Check these pictures out >>>

Edgar in titfer!

Close-up of the main kitty, note the cheeky tipped brim!

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  1. OMC - what an adventure Edgar is having. What fun for him. His hat is so cute on him too.