Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Edgar in Wellington, New Zealand

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Sorry guys. I posted on the bloggy this am and suddenly the post disappeared so I am writing it again * rolls eyes * 

Edgar is visiting from the USA. He has had a stop over at @Rumblepurr's house and visited the Rugby Museum and saw some of Welly (which looked pawsome).  I am dividing Edgar's visit over several days so you are not overwhelmed so here is part Two (Tumble was part one MOL!!)

Edgar visits Mum's work in Government Buildings Lecture Theatre Two.   You can see where the students sit and the cool desk!

Edgar spent some time wandering around the University of Victoria, Wellington, getting happily lost. He discovered he could see across the busy main road to Rutherford House, where more students were hard at work!

The University is filled with wonderful works of art by New Zealanders (I have asked Mum to find out which one this is...)

Edgar visited the Law School which is the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere! Pretty awesome he reckoned.  He liked the little balconies shown in the picture below.

Here's the front of the building with one of New Zealand's Pohutakawa trees in full bloom.   Mum could not get a picture of Edgar here but thought you would like to see the front!  With imposing facades, sweeping staircases, cast iron fireplaces and kauri (wood) clad interiors, the Government Buildings are amonst the finest examples of New Zealand's architectural heritage.

As it began to rain, Edgar dived under one of the many shelters around Wellington while he looked at the Beehive, New Zealand's parliament.  Sir Basil Spence provided the original coneptual designs of the Beehive in 1964, the details design of the building was done by the Ministry of Works.

Edgar also noted the tall Cenotaph to the right of the Beehive, which is Wellington's war memorial.  Here in New Zealand the fallen soldiers are honoured on 25th April - ANZAC Day with dawn services throughout the country. 


  1. Wow Edgar sure looks like he enjoyed werk how could dat be?

    1. He is wearing us out Boris! More tomorrow and I hope to fix the white bits on the bloggy. asap.