Thursday, 8 March 2012

Edgar in Wellington, New Zealand 2

* collects notes and checks Edgar is on hand to remind him of the itinerary *

Edgar visited the Law School of Victoria University. It is the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere. All wood, stairs, walls everything, OK except the windows MOL!

Edgar peruses the exterior staircase of the Law School Building, you can see its woody!

It started to rain but there are plenty of spots to shelter all over Wellington. People are used to windy weather here and showers!  Edgar made use of a shelter while taking a look at the Beehive, New Zealand's distinctive parliament building.  In front you can see the bottom of the tall marble Cenotaph to  commemorate the dead of the two World Wars.  Every year on Anzac Day there are dawn services up and down the country focused on these memorials.

A great place to shelter from the rain and enjoy a cup of great coffee is Wellington Central Library.  Edgar checked up on Twitter while we were there using Mum's ipad. See yesterday's visit to Wellington here and head to tomorrow here.


  1. Oh Edgar, you are so lucky to be hanging out with Dashie and Miss Marjorie!!! What fun adventures you're having!

  2. Edgar, you really get around! I'd LOVE to visit New Zealand. It looks so beautiful. Give my love to Dash & his human.