Friday, 9 March 2012

Edgar Visits Holland Road Yarn Company

* checks notes and starts to type up Edgar's report *

Edgar spent a happy evening with the knit night at Holland Road Yarn Company, which is based at 281 Jackson Street, Petone just outside Wellington. The shop is a wonderland of gorgeous and quality yarns that until Tash, Holland Road's owner, started importing them, were largely unavailable in New Zealand.  The shop has lots of pretty notions as well as the gorgeous yarn!

Edgar takes a knitting lesson with Whskr.  You can see the gorgeous yarn behind them, Cascade 220 and Cascade Eco.  You can also spot Tash's own pretty Hand dyed yarn, and some lovely hand spun.

Edgar poses with some of new Zealand's famous Mythral yarn, spun by the makers of the Lord of the Rings cloaks, Stansborough.  Mythral comes in a limited range of ultra special colours (see colours here).

Edgar meets Tash Barneveld, owner of Holland Road, talented indie dyer and talented knitter. Behind Tash and Edgar are some of the lovely prints Tash stocks in her shop, she is a keen supporter of local crafts and talent.

Edgar went exploring and found gorgeous hand spun yarn, lovely cotton colours and in the left of the picture, some lovely silky colours from a company in the UK - Fyberspates, their yarn glows with softness and Edgar spent some time cuddling up to the yarn.  The Toffee colour and the lovely blue are colours designed by knitter Ysolde Teague.

Edgar had a bit of a sit down after all his hectic yarn cuddling and meeting and greeting while his fellow knitters chose their colours.

Edgar was in a good position, as he relaxed, to enjoy one of the pretty cakes from SweetPea the tearoom just up the road which, like Holland Road, is well worth a visit!

If you want to catch up on Edgar's first day it's here.

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  1. Edgar is having a great experience. We're going to have to think of a creative place to take him here.