Monday, 5 March 2012

#Maskpawty Prize Sneak Peek

* Dash sits up straight and refers to notes as he types his post *

OK Guys it's not long now until 10th March. The #Maskpawty on Twitter is in its final stages of preparation.  Avatars are being made in the Artisan Workshop, please apply now to be in good time (the avi's are gorgeous! check linky for full details); the Banquet is prepared, and below are a couple of the prizes donated for the #Maskpawty.

These have been donated by generous supporters @Danapixie and @ColoradoCatnip both wonderful Twitter pals.  Some of our precious prizes are donations to our cause, these are offered by pals who make a donation in the winners name!

Samples of @ColoradoCatnip Organic Catnip Toy prizes 
and @DanaPixie prizes

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  1. Wow - both are very cool and I'd love to win them. Thanks DAsh. It will be a fun pawty, and I can't wait.