Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with DashKitten

* bats at feather toy on string - distracted *

Oh. Hi guys!! * ahem *

Today's pet treat is an amazing bird toy from @BorisKitty's shopDa Bird toy is totally amazing and you can buy different refills for it, feathers, fuzzy stuff including an attachment with extra feathers * excited ears *

There is also a video on Boris's site showing the toys in action WooHooo.  These are definitely worth checking out Boris's shop for! Next week something for the goggies MOL!


  1. That looks like a pretty neat toy!

  2. I lub da Bird it iz one of da bestest kitteh toys out der. Got dis big fat boy up off da ground!

  3. I lub da Bird! it da bestest kitteh toy out der. It even gotted dis big moose of a kitteh off da ground n in da air -- MOL