Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stop Press Sunday with Baby Patches and Nip and Bones

* runs in clutching bundle of papers and sits down to type in a hurry * GUYS, GUYS!!!........ *

I have such a STOP PRESS as you will not believe!  Baby Patches, doyenne of Nip and Bones online pet store has announced a Sale with, wait for it..... 60% off the items in this section but only for SUNDAY! WooHooo!!!!

AND I am told that if you mention Extra20, you get a further 20% off,.  This is totally CRAZY.  Mum and I are soooo going to be shopping today as there are the most amazing bargains. Dog toys, Cat toys, doggy tees, and super special feeding bowls are just a few of the items.................

Where is this, you ask?? HERE and ONLY for Sunday US time. Go for it guys!!

WooHOOO the Nip and Bones SALE!!!!

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