Sunday, 19 August 2012

Emergency for @Spookyshorty

* runs to computer out of breath and worried *

Guys, as I write Spooky is currently at the vet hospital receiving a blood transfusion.  I am still collecting details but, for now, I wanted to notify everyone a major fundraising push is being formulated to help make a dent in the bill.

The support Spooky and his mum, Lillian, have received is immense  and moved Mum and I to tears. We are determined to take action. spooky is a fighter - we will help.


  1. I send luv (((Spooky Shorty)))

  2. We will keep paws and fingers crossed that Spooky is okay. We had a doggy sis that had cancer and we know that it is a terrible thing to go through. Keep fighting Spooky!