Saturday, 1 September 2012

#KitPawty Saturday 1st September GET READY!!

* jumps on to keyboard, tail twitching excitedly *

Guys!! GUYS!! I found out! There is a #Kitpawty this Saturday - how did I miss this?  OK Details and the TwtVite are here.  Get over there and tell @BabyPatches you are coming! The last one was SO good, and we had so many pals there - you must join the fun this time! We follow on from the fantastic #Nipclub RenFaire.

There will be good company, music, prizes and some special offers from BP herself, Chief Kit at Nip and Bones.  Oh, and there is also free shipping at Nip and Bones this week-end!

BP's mum was sick, sick enough for her to worry about her shop and trade suffering.  Her appeal is here, nicely written for anipals to understand.  She hints something I had not thought of - early Christmas shopping.  If you are like Mum you are buying now as there is only so much money to go around - right? There is also the new Nip and Bones Wishlist facility -where you can let pals know Gotcher Days, and your favourite toys!

BabyPatches helps rescues with toys - did you know that. Mum and I will honour her by shopping at Nip and Bones - there is so much to choose from we had better look now!

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  1. My human had lunch with BP's human the other day - we are all planning something for later in the month!