Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cokie the Cat - Hollywood Insider

* waves from computer * Hi Guys! I want to introduce the new widget on my Wall of Honour (left).

Guys, meet Cokie the Cat, Hollywood Insider. Yes, THE Hollywood itself!  Cokie lives in one of the most famous places in the movie world; home to the Oscars, and a host of movie premieres where stars shine and crowds cheer.

Cokie the Cat button

The best way to introduce Cokie is to point you in the direction of a couple of his exciting reports.  Cokie was invited to preview Frankenweenie, the latest Tim Burton movie, a quirky take on Frankenstien, pets and all things weird.  These reports give you a great idea of Cokie's style, his adventures and some real Hollywood insight.

Check this first report for a glimpse into the Walt Disney Theatre, a breath of magic and what the movie is about. That place looks so awesome and with so much Disney history, you find yourself holding your breath!  Cokie posted a second report about the totally weird "Psychic Kitty", how they created Frankenweenie and the coolest movie trailer movie which totally captures the magic.

Head over and introduce yourself to Cokie our very own anipal Hollywood Insider with a quick comment. Saying Hi means he knows you are supporting our very own AniPal in Hollywood - important? You bet it is!

Cokie also has a giveaway here!


  1. Hiya, Handsome! Greetings from Texas, where Katie the black and white kitty and Dakota the Corgi share a peaceful co-existence and life in the country. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your insider Hollywood reports. Come on over and visit http://ThePetBlog.net!

  2. Miss Deena! I hopes you went over and visited Cokie's super cool bloggy too. He is one of our top cats and a cool dude!

  3. Thanks for the plug, Dash! I'm home and exhausted after covering tonight's Frankenweenie red carpet premiere. Thanks for all your comments on my blog, too. Folks don't realize that we don't know if anyone's reading our blogs when we don't get many comments.

    Comments are also like letters to politicians - they figure one letter is representative of a thousand (or more) constituents who won't take the time to write, so each letter has a lot of klout. Every comment has a lot of klout!