Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with Dash Kitten

* G'day everyone! *

This week's Pet Treat Shopping is a combo of treats for humans and anipals alike.  Why? What's up I hear you say?  Well, the Friends of the Cat Blogosphere are holding an auction to help @GeorgeTheDuck's pal Mini.  On the page scroll down to see pictures of the items.

Friends of the CB say :- "This auction is to help Mom Robyn's House of the Mostly Black Cats with Mini's vet bills. Mini has congestive heart failure" 


 Luxury Cat Bed 

There are some seriously good things here to bid on.  Quality donations to the Mini cause.  I can see jewellery, cat toys, cat beds, cat themed ornaments, cards, charms.

Pretty Summer Picture

Bid on these sparkly earrings NOW!


  1. I have my eyes on that hammock!

  2. So many cool things! We're so hoping that the auction brings in lots of green papers for Miss Mini!