Monday, 12 November 2012

Brodie Dog and His Mom

I am just catching up on stuff and have found out @BrodieDog's mum is seriously ill.

I know she has had some tough times, and she is currently thanking everyone who has helped her on Twitter.  She says her phone will be cut off tomorrow - just in case she doesn't speak to you before she goes.

I am not up to speed on circumstances and such but, please guys. Give @BrodieDog and his mum some love - she sounds a very frightened lady.



  1. Good on you Dash. I don't know Brodie very well, but it sure is sad to hear she's not doin well.
    Thanks fur bloggin about this fur Brodie.

  2. Thanks so much for lettin' us know 'bout Brodie's mom. I hope she rallies from this latest illness. Brodie needs her lots, I think. Whether we like it or not, we all need our peeps as much as they need us. Anybody know how to keep in touch with them now? purrs

  3. Oh boy! I send them love! (((Love)))

  4. Poor things. We send our purrs.