Thursday, 1 November 2012

#CPawty is coming this week-end!

* jumps on to the computer - Guuuuuuys!!! *

You must, simply MUST join us this weekend for the totally rocking fun CarniePawty hosted by @BadAndy_KittyKat.  Twitter hashtag #CPawty.  Why? Because it will be the best, most relaxing, wild, fun event on Twitter.  Details?  Head here for the Twtvite, and for Andy's totally stunning blog check here!  No demands, this is Carnival!!!

Big Announcement....

Andy will be selecting the winning numbers for the Rabbit Raffle.  This is really great of Andy to do,  thanks Andy!

There is SO MUCH joy and fun on Andy's blog that I will not keep you here much longer! I will be manning the concession stand evening my time, AND check out my favourite post for the Carnie Favours

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