Thursday, 1 November 2012

#KollegeGame Report

* shakes Mum awake in order to get info about the KollegeGame pawty *

Guys, you came out in your dozens for our Kollege Game pawty and Mum and I are more than grateful.  Thank You.  Mum wanted to go ahead in spite of Little 'Un crossing the RB as she is very worried about Spooky and his mum.

My biggest thank you must go to @MizzBassie for her help, in spite of having a bunch of sick pals at home, and to friend @ShaynaCat for being such a firm supporter - in spite of the fact Mum being so tired out she forgot to ask Shayna to DJ.

We had massive support from friends who entered the quizzes with abandon and enthusiasm, winning Prizes donated by @ChrisGroove1, @LilyLuWhoT, DylCat1, @Smokey8, @SeattleP, @Nikepurrfektcat, @MizzBassie and @Pasikas. Donors, your gracious generosity towards @SpookyShorty and his mum was very much appreciated.

Our Barktenders, DJ's and Quizzers deserve a huge thank you for rallying around, in spite of mum not being 100% on the ball due to Little 'Un passing away.  Our DJ's came up with some great music, did you hear it all? I heard a heap of new stuff. @DakotaBDog, @NewttheCat, @Bea_Bells, @SamtheWatcher, @PuppyNumber7 my thanks to each of you for your talent and skill. Oh and btw look out for an intermiew from Newt and his Mum next week.

Quizzers @MizzBassie, @Cheriswan, @Doggymolly worked their anipal socks off encouraging pals, running the quiz smoothly and ensuring pals had a great time!  Thank you for all your hard work everyone!

Our Barktenders rocked the wonderful menu by @PuppyNumber7.  Did you catch it?  It's pawsome and worth a look!  I took the first shift and was overwhelmed by the arrival of pals as they tumbled into the pawty!  @WallasEKat ( hugs ti @Isagold too) was up second and did a terrific job, he is such a character and made mum laugh a lot. @Tweetypie54 and @DoggyMolly servied frantically until Dylan took over the last two shifts.  You guys rock!! (Mum has a personal Thank You for Dylan too).

We hope to make a little more for Lillian and Spooky so iffen you fancies winning our Bunny raffle pop over to this post.   The Bunny draw will be held at @BadAndy_KittyKat's Carniepawty on Saturday/Sunday and the winner widely announced on Twitter. CarniePawty details are here on Andy's blog and his blog ROCKS!!

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  1. Thank YOU & your Mum for being such pawsome furiends to Spooky & all of us! So sad to learn that Little 'Un has crossed the bridge-she's a bright star in the night sky now-shining her love down on you! ((HUGS))
    Love you!