Wednesday, 5 December 2012

URGENT Sera and Chloe need YOUR help NOW - DAILY CUTE POST

* sits at computer and pushes paper aside with urgency *

Guys, I need your attention.  We need to get the word out NOW these ladies do not have long.

Please, please please, check out Dorian and the Daily Cute page for full details about the two seniors in need. Dumped at a shelter as part of a group of 20 surrenders - no you don't want to know about the rest...... These two are there, they need YOU to share the Daly Cute page a lot.

GO to it NOW guys - for all the ones who didn't make it.

Dorian says :-

If anyone is interested in Sera a Chloe, please email me at dorian (at) yourdailycute (dot) com. We can transport anywhere in the U.S.! I know we Cuteheads can work out their ride, all we need is a home for them to go to. 

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  1. Wishing good homes for them soon. :) {{{Luv}}}