Saturday, 19 January 2013

BlogPawty 2nd Annual Community Blog Pawty

* runs to computer with page of notes *

Guys, here in Middle Earth we enjoy a good pawty and the BlogPaws #BlogPawty on Twitter is no exception.

  • Want the details? Check the Twtvite here, and the Pawty blog here.

I am proud to be barktending for an hour and mentoring a new barktender, especially for the event.  The famous @TilmanSkates will be attending and I would love to see you all there to say hello, rock to the DJ's and even win a prize!

Staff at the #Blogpawty have a special avi while working. This will be me on duty. Join us for #Blogpawty


  1. Will try to but the human says she has a LOT to do (meaning: not sure).
    Enjoy the pawty in any case. But I'll try to come even for a little while.

  2. We have a little something for you over here:

    Have a great weekend!