Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pawparty Pwizes from @FrugalDougal

* Tap Tap - Anyone out there - Tap Tap *

At last mum has a picture of me with my FrugalDougal goodies from the recent #pawparty.

I won a pwize and as it could not come to NZ so I donated it to a friend in the USA but Dougal let me have a lovely present of a cute London teatowel and Two Toys! Thankfully they had not been filled with catnip or they would have been quarantined by the Ministry! Mum has them sprayed with local catnip spray here instead which is PAWsome!!!!

I was really excited to win but Mum could not get me and the pwizes in the same place until this week as I have been out all the time! She did manage to get a good one of Sienna playing with teddy though MOL!

OK so here we are with thanks to Dougal and his mum for exciting stuff.

* nosetaps *


  1. #pawpawty prizes are just the best. It's so exciting when the package arrives.

  2. International restrictions are soooo anoying! But I guess they're for our protection! Have fun!