Monday, 19 July 2010

Neuter Your Pet

* Tap Tap - anyone out there?  Sometimes I wonder..... *

OK Anipals.  I'm writing because Mum is just too upset.  She is reading about the number of needless anipals who die, kittens, puppies, dogs, cats.  Every week, day in and day out.  Time after time.  It's becoming too much.....

Her Twitter pal @FuzzyMice works hard as a one-woman band to help anipals, so does mum's Facebook colleague Mandi Smith (AWBAR - Abandoned Wild Baby Animal Rescue).

Michelle of FuzzyMice runs her operation from a Blackberry A BLACKBERRY!!!  She fights to keep kittens alive and tweets via a handheld phone as she doesn't have a computer on the internet - running appeals and struggling to maintain her blog.

So, when your patience is tried by yet another appeal for funds from a small person, remember these are people on the front line, they can't turn away, turn off their computer and go home, and bear with them.

Mum's blogging colleague @PussDaddy has taught me and mum to be wary of online appeals from strangers and I agree 100% (looks to Mum for support) so always check the bonafides of anyone who appeals to you - that means check as far as you can who they are, any affiliations and/or personal references.

OK * nosetaps and catch you on Twitter  *

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  1. Dash my friend, you really are a handsome fella.

    What an amazing thing Michelle is doing - I hope she knows how much we kitties appreciate it.