Monday, 30 August 2010

Thank you Everybuddy

* Tap Tap - C'mon Mum this is SO exciting - tap tap tap *

Oh my Cat
 Did you see all my new friends?! 
Oh heavens!!!
Oh By Golly and Holy Moly!!!!

Thank you, absolutely everyone who commented on my blog after I was featured on friend Rumblepurr's blog.  I am amazed and thrilled that so many people came to say hello.

I have met some wonderful anipals, new paws to shake, new noses to tap and new blogs I am proud to follow.  Mum added them to my blog roll for me and I am going to adjust my widgets to make sure the blogroll can be clearly seen.

You are all totally PAW-sum * nosetaps from Dash Kitten *


  1. Dash, we're glad you have met so many new friends - there are so many great cat bloggers. We think the cat blogoshere is amazing.

    XXX from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. We told Rumbles and Inigo that you have a beautiful tortie sisfur so don't be surprised if they demand photos. They LOVE torties (and we do too - most of the time!)

  2. Yep, new friends sure are lots of fun!!!

  3. Oooo... bootiful Tortie you say... in WELLINGTON you say... *ringing cab*