Monday, 20 September 2010

Fuzzy Mice - Eviction and Hope

* Ta[ tap - Ok time for an update - where's my notes - Tat tap *

OK Folks.  We are nearly there. Things are looking OK for the Chip In - some people already knew Fuzzy Mice paypal addy to gave via that so there IS actually more in the chip in - if that makes sense.

I am putting my paws together to pray that she find a good home for her kitties, for a home for herself, before she is evicted.  Can someone tell me, please, how anyone can let a girl on her own be homeless?  Bakersfield, CA isn't the easiest place to get a job - but Fuzzy has been helping animals - I scratch my nose sometimes and wonder.

* nosetaps *

Dash Kitten


  1. I know, makes no sense to me either. We are purring and thinking of her constantly.

  2. I did contribute to her phone bill, it wasn't much, every little bit helps. I do hope her luck changes soon.