Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I love Moosie - Kitty Girl in Need

* tap tap tap c'MON mum I need to get this up and help Moosie, taps paw impatiently on desk *

Anipals and Twitter friends, you may have seen me Moosie over the past week online.  I read about her on Brian's blog and am worried that she still doesn't have a home.  Please, share and circulate this so we can help her.  First, some comments from Moosie's current carer (contact details and the full text can be obtained from Brian via his web page by legitimate enquirers - transport costs can be paid) :-

"We had to fight to save her life.  Her vet and another sister in law who'd been taking care of her sister in her last days both thought Moosie was too anxiety-ridden to adapt to any other environment.".......... after being with her current carer a while we find stunning improvements.......   The next morning, she was eating, and showing affection and letting us pet her.  She's improved on that every day. She now comes to the door to greet us, with her tail up, and it doesn't take much to get her purring her heart out.

Moosie's carer thinks she was bullied in the past, so maybe a home on her own would be a cool idea.  She had an older fur brother who she loved but he crossed the RB recently (more heartbreak for the girl). General information on Moosie's food and her medicine... She eats ... with no problem at all.  She also has a sensitive tummy.  She has a presciption for some dry food (crunchies) although I haven't seen her eat much of that.  She eats a low-carbohydrate diet, which is not a prescription.  Currently she eats Fancy Feast Medleys.  Her vet says the thyroid medication runs about $55 for a 60 day supply.

Moosie Maintenance :-))  :- Loves, loves loves to be combed! Needs it at least once a day, will accept lots more "And sit there looking as pleased as can be."

Her carer finished by saying :-  "We thought we could, with time and patience, teach Moosie to love when we heard about her mental condition [the stress mentioned earlier].  We didn't need to teach her.  She knows how and she wants to love.  I hope we can find her a wonderful place."

Moosie's transport costs will be met for a legitimate and approved adopter. CURRENT LOCATION :- Maryland, close to Baltimore and Washington DC.  Transport probably available via Continental AIr.


  1. Oh,I do hope Moosie can find a nice home. She looks like a real sweetie.

  2. We're hoping the lovely girl finds an excellent new home!!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful post for Moosie, we'll keep passing the word for her!

  4. We are so hoping that Moosie can find a wonderful forever home soon. We are sending her lots of purrs!