Thursday, 21 October 2010

Moosie - an Update - Still No Home

* tap tap tap - where's that on button Mum CLICK it's Ok I found it *

OK everyone, we need to get this out into the wide world of the web NOW.  Moosie still has no home to go to.  There is funding for transport, she is a gentle and genuine girl - what's not to LOVE?  Her loving little heart must be breaking, I know mine aches for her even though I am half way around the world in New Zealand.

I am posting the report from Moosie's carer below, please PLEASE can you read this and tweet, Facebook and MySpace, Stumble and Buzz and share this far and wide, so we can find her a home.  [Link to earlier Moosie post here.]

We are profoundly grateful to her foster carer who has taken her in temporarily, without this kind lady Moosie would be dead already.   OK  * manipulates mouse to cut and paste *  Now I will hand over to Moosie's foster Mum who reports :-

Thank you both for  your continued efforts to find the home where Moosie can be an adored companion.
She continues to do well in our spare bedroom/bathroom.  She has been playing with assorted toys, and is fond of catnip.  I think she's slightly bored at this point.  The bedroom has only two small windows near the ceiling (it's in our finished basement) so it's difficult to get up to them to have a look outside.  She has a lively intellect that we're trying to find ways to stimulate.

 She greets us at the door when we come down to feed her, clean her box or give her attention.  She looks happy and healthy.   I dearly wish we could keep her, but with some of the dominant personalities our cat family already has, I fear she'd regress into being a scared, bullied girl.  She deserves better than that.
I haven't heard from anyone new inquiring about her.  I am still unable to get mail back to Julie in Maine. 

Caboodle Ranch did write back to see what the status was, and I let them know we're hoping to find her a home where she won't be surrounded by other cats.  It is good to know that's a backup just in case we don't come up with anyone who is interested in adopting her.  I can see her continue to thrive with one-on-one love and attention.
We still have our chins up, and hope for the best!

Moosie's transport costs will be met for a legitimate and approved adopter. CURRENT LOCATION :- Maryland, close to Baltimore and Washington DC.  Transport probably available via Continental AIr.


  1. Thanks for helping, we appreciate you!

  2. She sure is a pretty little thing. I hope she finds a home soon!

  3. Poor moosie. I do hope a home is found soon.