Sunday, 28 November 2010

Home for the Holidays - Moosie still needs a home.

* CLICK - consults notes with a heavy heart and baffled expression - tap tap tap *

OK everyone, I am baffled by this.   I mean, really.  You all know Moosie, I got to know about her plight from Brian Frum, a fellow kitty blogger, Mum and I subscribe to his newsletter and RT his posts on Twitter every day.

Her current foster mum (who has kitties already, they make Mossie nervous) has snatched her from certain death by a heartless family member who wanted her euthenased, when her Mom and forever home disappeared before her very eyes.  Mom died her brofur died and  * pulls himelf together and consults notes *

OK, I asked Brian and STILL Moosie has no home. What do we have to do around here to help this lady.  She is a love bug, she adores being combed and would make someone the most awesome sole friend and companion - but she has no-one.

I earnestly ask my anipal friends if you can help, if you have any advice or simply if you can do a blog post about Moosie.  She deserves a forever home, and the link  gives you all the details you need. Please guys, she's wonderful, can we help.....


  1. I will be tweeting about Moosie as soon as I leave here. Hope she finds a forever home soon.

  2. Aww, what a sweet looking girl too. I do hope she finds a forever home.

  3. I just don't get it either, she is such a sweetie. Thanks for helping with #TeamMoosie !

  4. Hi Dash - we have missed visiting you since mom's computer got all stupid. We can't believe Moosie still doesn't have a forever home - we would take her but well, we have a LOT of cats here and she would hate it. We are sending tons of purrs and prayers for her to find her perfect forever home!!