Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Catching our Breath - Happy Inside

* Tap Tap OK Mum and I have had some busy times.  Decisions have been made and Mum is going to concentrate on fewer things (including my blog MOL!) I woke her up in the night to tell her she should ease off on the mega stress, and put up this ad as we both love it, its gentle, nice and - what the heck - Ikea make some good stuff *

Mum and Dad have been chatting about Mum changing focus in her work, its been going on for weeks and she has been getting more and more unhappy. Maybe with this video and a firmer sense of direction things will ease up around here and I will get more treats again.

STOP PRESS OK Thanks to Mario for the comment - I am typing all wrong * looks at paws and frowns * "Da Bloggy is Staying'!! Mom says we would never stop the bloggy - sorry if it came out wrong * rolls eyes *.

Even if you've seen this before, take a moment, take a breath, and enjoy.....


  1. I do love at video and it was nice to see it again. Your mom has to take care of herself first, but we'll miss seeing your bloggy.

  2. Hope your mom can find the right balance. Too many things to do make the moms crazy. It's not good. Big hugs for everyone.

  3. aww what a great video, I hope your mom finds the happy inside today. xoxo