Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Christchurch Earthquake February 2011 - Anipal Appeal

* struggles to click on button while Mum cuts and pastes the Chip In on the blog ** CLICK **

O.K. anipals. I have taken the unusual step of adding a second chip in my blog, to accompany the longer term appeal form Tiny Timmy.  * picks up earthquake notes *

Update : @Baxter_man has checked in to the relief of his friends.  We await news on @Oslo_pup and his family.

You will have heard about the serious damage done by the earthquake today in Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand. Many people are hurt and animals too.  So, my hero D'Artagnan Rumblepurr has set up a fund raising Chip In to help the Canterbury SPCA who are nearest to the action on the ground down there. Mum and I are hosting the chip-in on our blogs <<<<<<<<< Look Left and would ask you to donate if you can.

Mum sold a pendant so was able to donate $20, which we are really happy about.  Rumblepurr's bloggy is here if you would like to read his short post about the quake.

* nosetaps *

Dash Kitten

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  1. So nice of you to post this Dash. We'll be coming back later today to make a donation (M has an appointment to get to right away). We will also post a widget in my bloggy too.