Friday, 4 February 2011

SciFiPAWTY - First notice

* Tap Tap Tap - Swiches on Computer while Mom is at the motorcycle repair shop *

OK Folks @BorisKitty has notified us all that there will be a sci-fi pawty for anipals. It's a fund raiser with pwizes and stuff.  Mum is donating a couple of pendants she says.

OK Linky to the Blog Post is here.  Don't forget to check out the Pawty widget on the right too OK - you HAVE to be there!!

* nose taps *

Dash Kitten


  1. Dash!! Your blog looks SO cool, you have a super smart mummy!!

  2. Oh Boy - I love those ScifiPawties - so much fun. Sigh - M says I can't go this year cuz they will be on vacation. They are ruining all my fun.