Friday, 8 April 2011

Daphne - Heartbreak for a longtime pet

* writes post with angrily trembling paw *

STOP PRESS - DAPHNE LIVES! See post above this one for MUCH BETTER NEWS *

Hi pals.  Sorry, but I can hardly write for fury and anger.  Why?  Because I came across this post via a friend. It's on Craigs List which is, I think, an American site for selling stuff.

All of a sudden Daphne is no longer wanted.  No longer loved. Why? Because her so-called parents have a baby and baby pulls at Daphnew so she defends herself as best she can. Some barbarian declawed (winces) poor Daphne and now she has been thrown out, abandoned - and hides in a shelter scard to death, upset and damned lonely because SUDDENLY she is NOT WANTED anymore.

Sorry, pals. I am very upset about this.  Alone, no family anymore, after 11 YEARS of being loved. I mean WTF??? Please - if you know anyone in Austin Texas, send them HERE.   We need to find this scared girl a loving LOVING home.




  1. That poor kitty! First her paws are mutilated and then the humans she lived with were too uncaring to figure out how to deal with the kitty and the toddler at the same time. What kind of parents are they, really? I think they are poor examples and setting a bad precedent. I really hope she finds a home soon. I can't put her on my Facebook page right now - it's late in the US and nobody would see the post - but I will do my best to link to her YouTube video tomorrow.

  2. Apparently those oomans haven't ever thought to use the work "no" to their ooman child. Small toddlers/crawlers can be taught to be gentle around animals. M said she'd like to shake some sense into their heads. How could they possibly give up a 13 year old pet - then to a shelter yet.

  3. Sadder still... the link to find out more about adopting her in the ad is broken. Poor, sweet, Daphne!