Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Daphne - Update - Better News

* click whirrr - sounds of computer starting up *

OK Pals, I have NEWS.

Remember Daphne, mentioned in the post below, who I was SO angry about, who many of us were worried sick about and shed tears of frustration and worry? I have better news from Twitter pal @lgriffis.  She passed on this link about Daphne.

DAPHNE is ALIVE! Daphne is available for adoption and is currently being fostered.   This loving girl, abandoned after years of loving devotion to her family is available to be adopted from the Austin Pets Alive pages.   Please pass the word to those in Austin TX!


  1. Woohoo - that is good news. It's so wonderful hearing the success stories. Good job Dash.

  2. I hope she finds a home soon - I posted about her on my Facebook page, and may do so again!

  3. So glad about da news!Mom went to sleep worried and I was purraying for da sweet Daphne! I wonder if .... Never mind. Was goingnto be nasty. But better yet to use my words for something positive and wish Daphne a wonderful forever home.

  4. What good news! She is such a lovely girl, I hope that she finds her perfect forever home really quickly.

  5. hello, dash kitten! thank you fur postin' the news about daphne. you are furry good to feel so strongly about ofur kittehs who are in danger. there are so many cruel an' unfeelin' hoomin beans inna world today--you must haff kind an' luffin' beans, an' we luffs you fur it!

    (it's a good thing the first thing our mum read on yer bloggie was the title "update--better news" about daphne first. she was relieved not to haff to read farther down, acause she is so tender-hearted, she can't read postings about drefful things happenin' to aminals--it upsets her so that she cries, because she luffs each an' efurry liffin' furry.)

    peeyes: we must tell you--our bean-brofur's name is "dash" (dashiell)!! he is 33 squillion naps old, an' is gettin' married to miss leslie on saturday!!

    be well, new furriend--
    yer furriends in 'mericky,
    edmund p. hillary, nitro s pierce, xing lu, an' igmu sapa

  6. A working link... yay! What a sweet thing - this is no way to spend her golden years. Thank you for your posts Dash.