Thursday, 7 April 2011

@TheNascarKitty Appeals For Our Help - Berlin Wisconsin

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OK pals I am sending out this message as part of the appeal from Tsitter pal Tiger Tommy aka @TheNascarKitty.  he's been a good pal to me so I am happy to pass this appeal on.

He says :-

Berlin, Wisconsin, Pugs and Doodles are 2 year old brother dogs. They are house dogs used to a lot of people and small children. Their human Mom has to leave quick...she is in an abusive marriage and is getting out of the house. She can't take her beloved dogs, but can''t bear to see them split up.

If somebody doesnt take them, they will end in the shelter with an uncertain future, because there is no other option for this lady, She has a 9 year old daughter and simply has to get away from the abuse.

Please let anybody you know who may beinterested in two great doggies know. Pictures will be available tomorrow.

Pugs is tall, perhaps the size of a smaller doberman, he appears to have some golden lab, maybe a little german shephard, in him. He's pretty active, would love to run and play and take walks, but also to snuggle on the couch.

Doodles is short with short legs, even though they are littermates, they are very different. Doodles is a little smaller than a Cocker Spaniel, but very solidly built. He's got some basset hound, golden lab, and it looks like a little Shar-Pei in him.

Neither is fixed, and they probably need updated shots, but the abusive spouse in this situation didn't leave much for the humans much less that pets. Luckily Mom always found a way to keep them well fed, and I'm sure they were a security blanket for her.

She is very worried about them being seperated, so please let's find them a forever home together!!

Contact me (@TheNascarKitty) on Twitter and/or @SaraBeth3394 for info.

Please send this email to anybody you can think of who's interested.

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