Monday, 12 March 2012

Edgar Goes to the Cinema and Chills in the Garden.

* Looks up from Warriors book, Oh Hi guys....*

Edgar and I have been busy reading the latest of Mum's Warriors books. She is working her way through the various series bit by bit. Edgar did a bit of reading in the sun.

As the sun hit the garden Edgar took in the sun on our garden chair which is usually my sisfur Dot's patch but she let Edgar have a nice sit down for a while!

Mum did a bit of gardening before our visit to the cinema and Jack the Ginger boy helped her and Edgar with the spouts and silverbeet.  Jack's nose is looking much better now he takes Supress to keep the Solar Eczema at bay. Mum finished her work and the family and Edgar set off for the cinema.

Before we entered the Lighthouse Cinema, Edgar took a chance to have his picture taken beside an un-pronouncable nature reserve.  Yes, its pretty, no he can't say it MOL! (Mum can do it but she practised!)

The Lighthouse Cinema, Pauatahanui is a lovely place with sofa type seating rather than cinema seats in rows.  The cinemas are reasonably sized and you can enjoy a fantastic "big screen experience", they even have 3D films here!  Edgar is getting ready to look at the food counter, always good here, before spending a bit of time looking out of the window at the reserve.

Edgar joined mum in watching 'The Descendants' a film with George Clooney.  Good looking or not, we agreed he gives a fine and thoughtful performance in the film, we loved seeing a glimpse of the real Hawaii too - it reminded mum of a warmer and slightly more upmarket seaside town in England......

After the film, we came home and the weather was so good we sat out with our little shelter, it's more a windbreak than a proper tent but left us the warmth without any breeze.  Sienna the tortie and Dot kitten both decided to chill out with Edgar for a while before we all moved to the grass.


  1. Another pawsum adventure!

  2. My human has read the WHOLE Warriors series with the exception of some of the mangas and a couple of special editions!

  3. Dash, mate.... what's goin on? U lettin Edgar unda me guard wif da harem??? Oh well, I spose we can áve one each, MOL!!!
    Gr8 story pal, fanks fur sharin yr time wif Edgar,