Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Loews Hotels UPDATE on Feral Cat Treatment

* Hurries to the computer, checks petition is still top right on the bloggy and types urgently with both paws*


Neighbourhood Cats based in New York City have posted this on their blog.  It is a summary of the situation AND has a list of people to contact.  This is important :- Contact.  Every email sent, every telephone call made is of massive value. Why" Because each one is a raindrop - and together raindrops make a very VERY big storm.

Catalyst Update :-

The CATalyst: Update to Loews' Feral Cat Treatment at Hotels

Friends, this says it better than my poor blog post ever did. I urge you to take a look - it will, I hope be updated again soon - this is looking so bad for Loews Hotels.

Good and well informed Catster update here


  1. I am spitting mad about this whole issue! Loews blows!

  2. Very upset to read about this - have tried to help to the best of my ability feral cats for over 12 years where I live - have developed outstanding relationships with many of the cats - they are wonderful animals just looking for a place to call home.

  3. SilkyCat - hearing from a feral person made my day * high paw * Ferals are a special case - they are not cute adoptable cats - right?