Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Loews Hotels - Cat Killers?!

* runs to computer and drums paws at it warms up Come on.. COME ON!!!! *

UPDATE : at the bottom on the page is a list of the emails of Loews executives who can be contacted to express your dismay at the current situation. Mum has email and been respectful but expressing her concern. You might wish to do the same. 

Guys, this is SO important I can't tell you.  I read this from Alley Cat Allies - who you know are reputable and not given to hysterical outbursts :-

Yesterday, "pet-friendly" hotel Loews Portofino Bay in Orlando announced that 23 cats living in a model TNR colony on the property will be "relocated" to a local animal shelter. The hotel failed to mention that just like all feral cats entering shelters, these cats will likely be killed unless other arrangements can be found for them.

Relocated to an animal shelter.  EXCUSE ME. We all know what these 'animal shelters' do - right? They KILL CATS.  Please, everyone, head over to Alley Cat Allies and add your email to those already heading to the CEO if this company. Catster has a huge list of contact details you can use here.  Don't get mad Get Even - and help us gain justice for the feral colonies all over the US that this small colony represents. Link is HERE.  If you are on Facebook the Help Loews Cats page is here they need much more support.

Tom Roditus, Regional Manager

Anne Stephany, Director Public Relations Loews N.Y.

Ellen Gale, Regional Director PR Loews

Diane Petit, General Manager Loews Portofino

Tom Williiams Chairman CEO Universal Orlando

Tom Shroder VP Public Relations Universal Orlando

Larry Beiderman General Manager Loews Royal Pacific


  1. Thanks for spreading the word - it is terrible what Loews is doing!

  2. Thank you for posting this! We appreciate all the help and support from everyone. I know that with all of us spreading the word, we can make it big!

  3. Looks like lots of people are working this - thank heaven for the area rescue groups!