Sunday, 6 May 2012

#MagicCarpet Pawty Report - DashKitten

* Ahem Ahem - clear throat and checks notes *

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A busy week has passed and Mum and I have finally been able to settle down and write our #Arabianpawty #Magicpawty Thank you post.  I have a few to thank so please bear with me. Firstly,  team members @MizzBassie and @PuppyNumber7 kept us rock solid on track, and both @SpookyShorty and I are grateful for their tremendous work. 

To everyone who attended and helped us fund raise for @Spookyshorty - THANK YOU. We have raised over $900 and, as a result, Spooky's treatment can continue.  Every minute was worthwhile simply to have his Mum tell us that.  Spooky's mum is trying hard to find a job, she is no slacker but times are tough and at times like this pals help

We had tremendous support from our staff whose voluntary contribution of time, effort and support is hugely appreciated. A special 'thank you' must go to Madame Isabeau hosted by @NikePurrfektcat, the Tarot Tent was a unique and special treat.  Our Prize Donors were outstandingly generous with gifts including donations for Spooky, vouchers, toys, and a host of wonderful surprises. We are grateful for our generous friends :-

@ChrisGroove1 @flicka47 @SeattleP @LilyLuWhoT @CandyCanes1981 @DCKitty @Skye613 @PepperPom @MizzBassie @IamRustyCat @KingBarky @smokey8 @danapixie
@TiggyBean @IamRustyCat @TiggyBean @TattleCat @whskr

OUR TALENTED DJ's : @MrTibbsatAP @FrankieTheIg @ShaynaCat @NascarKitty @Autumnthedoxie @Bea_Bells @Owenthetonk - we danced and spun!

OUR STYLISH BARKTENDERS :- @MizzBassie @Pumpkinpuddy @NikePurrfektCat @DuchessCrabtree @DCKitty @Meow_Girls @CandyCanes1981 - who kept us refreshed!

  :- @holliecatrocks @Whskr @doggymolly @CheriSwan @MizzBassie

Lastly, Mum would like to thank those who jumped in and acted as impromptu sekurity for the pawty when the nightmare spammers struck. Their help was worth its weight in catnip and our gratitude to them immense. * paw hugs *


  1. it was a great pawty with good results. I'm so happy Spooky can continue treatment now,.

  2. Thank YOU Dash & Mom for all your hard work on #MagicCarpet pawty! I'm beyond thrilled that so much money was raised for Spooky - he's a wonderful furiend & it means so much to know his treatments can continue. *High Paw*