Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with Dash Kitten

* sits at computer and checks draft text for post about treats and fun shopping for pets *

Guys I have a new Wednesday feature, Shopping for Pets. For those times you need a special treat, a cool toy or something to say I love You to the most important critter in your life.  STOP PRESS:- Baby Patches has a special May Week offer on from Monday Apr 30th to May 3rd - with BP Rewards members getting a bigger discount AND a free toy!  (Being a rewards member is easy - just click on the gold star Rewards Programme!!)

First up in the most gorgeous Cat Faux Bearskin blankie ever from Nip and Bones.  It looks super cosy in the pic and already has a 5* review from one happy customer.  The rug is 100% synthetic fur and will give any setting a warm ambience. Each bearskin measures 23" L x 19.5" W and is handmade in Canada (I believe in shopping local, if you can, and Canada is local to the US - right ;-)

It really is super cute and not too expensive either. In fact, Mum has ordered me one and I can't wait.  A review will surely follow, once I have put it to the snuggle test MOL!! 


  1. I wonder if I signed up for the Rewards program. Hmmmm - looking at M - you'd best get over there M. Dash, you are such a handsome boy. What breed of kitty are you? M fell in love with your color.

  2. That DOES look pawsomely comfortable!

  3. Can't wait to hear wot u fink of it.
    We see'd this on BabyPatches site & wundered if it be nice fur our winter!?
    Isa xox