Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with Dash Kitten

* climbs out of box and dusts himself off ......  *

Oh hi guys!  Welcome to Pet Treat Shopping, and today's treat idea for the cat in your home, OK or cats - right?  OK, today's treat is a clever, made in the USA, special for all my American friends.  Courtesy of @BorisKitty and Cattoys.

May I introduce the Catty Stack, with its ingenious construction, range of colours and 'Oh So Tempting'  hidden corners to explore - Oooh I love boxes!!!  If you check out the linky you can see just how easy it is to make them into any shape you want, so they fit nicely into your home.  They are roomy too and easy for us cats to move and climb around in and they are strong.

OK prices checks list They are about $14.99 a piece (but there may be a sale on...), and Boris recommends you get at least 3 so there is plenty of room for play. Mum says, at that price you can happily buy a bunch and keep the cats out from under your feet for weeks MOL!!

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