Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pet Treat Shopping for Seniors with Dash Kitten

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Guys, I will focus, this week, on some senior items for the older cat and dog.  Things to make their lives a bit easier.

My aunty Peanut is a senior, she is nearly 15 and still the boss, altho' she does have some mobility issues, such as jumping on the bed. She can't now so mum has a set of steps.  Steps are not cheap but the ones I found are stylish, look like furniture and you would be happy to have them near your bed without going >>  ugh<<.  There is also a raised food bowl that you will like.....

Dogs often curl up at the bottom of the bed, they are close, they love being there and it's 'home'.  If that's taken away it's tough on you and them. So a dog ramp is worth considering. A full selection of dog ramps and stairs is here.  Oh, and there are also orthopaedic beds for that bit of extra comfort for your senior dog. too.

 Dog Ramp

Cat stairs for the senior cat are often not so large, but as much care goes into their construction and they are just as useful.  There are bed ramps and sofa ramps or steps (see below) to allow your kitty to cuddle up with Mum and Dad just like they did as a kitten, or make up for lost time if they are a rescue!

Cat Stairs

Finally, getting your fur friend up onto a bed is only one issue but an important one.  Another thing you might not thing about is feeding.  Older animals don't appreciate having to bow down quite so far for their food and this bowl is a great option for cats and smaller dogs.  Dont forget to give some treats too  here and here.


  1. O hai! Those dishes look neat. :)

  2. We like those stairs! Our bowls are higher too and we like them very much even though we're not senior kitties yet.