Friday, 27 July 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with Dash Kitten

* waves from the computer *

Hi Guys! 

This week I want to introduce some cute stuff for pet parents. Little things that will appeal to those who love the vintage touch, a whisp of sweet sentiment, and a smile.  All on our favourite theme pets!

Doxie Mayhem Magnet (from selection) $10.00

May I introduce NoCryBabyDogs on Etsy, an excellent Twitter pal from the heart of Kansas.  How do I know that they are excellent? Well, Mum won some personalised pet cards from NoCryBabyDogs - pics of ME! It is this speciality of theirs, this personalised element that makes them special.
There is no end to NCBD's talents - read this! "I can create cards, magnets, prints, address labels, glass cabochon necklaces and tiny laminated earrings from any image you see in my shop. Message  me with what you'd like and I'll be happy to make it up specially for you!  Wow how cool is that!!

$11.25 Delightful Bunny Necklace

NoCryBabyDogs uses the finest pale linen card stock that makes her cards look super luxurious, expensive and unique.  Greyhounds, Scottie Dogs, Westie pups,  Wolfhounds, Doxies, and cute children appear on the magical cards, prints and magnets.  The prices are modest, the quality high - its a win win for gift giving. Investigate the delightful treats at NoCryBabyDogs now!


  1. Hi Dash! =^..^= And thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! Tell your mom to but the word "Thanks" or Thankful" or 'grateful" or "Glad" or *something* to make it more along the *THankfulThursday* theme next time though! : P

    Love you!

    CokietheCat: Hollywood Insider

  2. MOL!! NO Cokie mate - it goes up in an hour at teatime in NZ. Mum has to wrestle her schedule!!

  3. Try Daffy's shop its da best!