Monday, 15 October 2012

Scare a Day and It's Not Halloween!

* takes deep breff and calms paws *

OK Guys, many of you will have heard about Mum and Dad's serious scare with Little 'Un this a.m. (Monday our time).  We thought Little 'Un was close to the end, and we were all prepared - Little 'Un was taken down to the vet with Mum and Dad hardly keeping back the tears ready to say goodbye.

To their astonishment, after a thorough examination, our vet declared Little 'Un far from being ready to go and to take her home to enjoy her comforts! To say Mum and Dad were over the moon and relieved is, as you can imagine, an understatement.  Little 'Un cannot see, but she can hear, eat and poop with the best of them.  She is frail, but her spirit is still very much there.

To @Tailessa, @ChrisGroove1 and those dear friends online at the time, who helped calm Mum down on her return - we cannot thank you enough.  Mum was shaking like a leaf,  her heart did not stop thumping for hours but with the help of pals she pulled through - then she lost the 'net!

I am back now with this update, to say a simple and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for your support today.


  1. HOORAY!!! What excellent news this is, please give her a smooch on the head from me!!

  2. I have been away from Twitter for most of the weekend and I am SO glad to hear that Little 'Un is home where she belongs and hanging in there! Paws up and purrs to you all!

  3. That sure had to be scary.. Love and hugs to that sweetie from all of us.

  4. *soft paw* Got you in our hearts and purayers, Aunty.

  5. I just heard now 'bout this but am I ever pleased to hear that Little 'Un is A-Okay! What a sweet picture of her you've posted. Bet she's an absolute bundle of love. purrs

  6. I'm sorry I missed this or I would've helped. I'm glad she's not doing any worse. Purrs for your family and Little Un. BTW, we've looking for people willing to transport Jamie down the FL. Can't think of any anipals in Georgia.